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Thick mamasita looking for love

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So it was with a mixture of trepidation and anticipation that Chris and I arrived on a Friday afternoon for a casual, light dinner. And to think, Mamasita used to Plover adult married women fucking big cocks a special-occasion-priced place for us back in the day!

However one thing I noticed was the change in wait staff; whilst they used to be chirpy and helpful, they now seem to spend most of their time chatting and determinedly avoiding our eyes, and were thoroughly unhelpful once we finally managed to catch their attention.

Will the food be good enough to make up for the drop in service? Blissfully, I discovered that these little babies were still the best ones around, the smoky chilli and generous Thick mamasita looking for love Sexy ladies looking sex Wells queso fresco paving the way to sweet, charred corn kernels.

Both dips were exemplary, the salsa fresh and smoky, and the smooth guacamole creamy with a light tang from lime and onion. The tortilla was infused with the wonderful Mora adult network of corn husks that lingered on my fingers for hours.

What we ended up with were mouthfuls of crunchy tortillas competing Thick mamasita looking for love fluffy pieces of potato rolled into its center, drenched in the pool of hearty black bean and chilli sauce.

Single women looking for relationship in alaska faint whiff of goats cheese and piquant cress salad on top lightened things up considerably. Whilst rustic, this dish was also somehow extremely elegant, and greatly enjoyed by both of us, and the couple at the next table it.

Flavoured with tonka beans, Hot ladies seeking casual sex Antwerp flan was a thick custard with flavours reminiscent of sweet almonds and vanilla, and just a hint of cinnamon. The scattering Thick mamasita looking for love crushed brown sugar and almonds were a great textural contrast to the slippery decadence of the flan.

I am extremely relieved and happy to find that whilst it is no longer a culinary wonderland, Mamasita is every bit as delicious and enjoyable as I had remembered. It was a shame that our meal was somewhat marred by the experience with the wait staff. Rating: